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We firmly believe that a full-service professional property management firm should do more than collect rent and pay bills. A management firm's services should add to the success of your investment!

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Effective Marketing and Leasing Program
Today's market place requires placing available properties in as many places as possible for potential residents to view. Our successful program includes making your property available in the following ways:

Survey property condition - the better the condition of the property the higher the lease rate can be.

Perform a market analysis - this helps to determine the appropriate lease rate for the property based on current listings and recent leases.

Advertising - in the local newspaper (if requested by owner).

For Lease sign - a professional looking sign is placed at your property with our office number and our lease property information number.  

Broadcast Fax System – On a weekly basis we fax a detailed listing of our available properties to other management and leasing companies. Some of these leasing companies do not have access to the Multiple Listing Service, this keeps them informed about our availabilities.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – As members of the Tennessee Board of Realtors, we list your property in the MLS data base. This makes your property available to thousands of other leasing agents.

Complete Property Preparation – Today’s residents are more demanding and have many choices for lease properties in Tennessee; therefore it is critical to the success of your property that it is in top-notch condition. A property is more likely to lease if it has curb appeal to a resident, is attractive, clean and as modern as possible. Properties that are not properly prepared for the leasing market will sit vacant.

Detailed applicant background investigation
Our application process consist of:

  • Verifying resident lease history
  • Checking resident's eviction history (if any)
  • Landlord references are cross checked with local property tax records
  • Criminal records are checked.
  • Income and employment are verified.
We believe so strongly in the success of our qualification process that we offer a limited "lease commission guarantee". See our guarantee section for details.

Available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day
American Trust Realty, LLC maintenance technicians are “on call" to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, many of our outside vendors have agreed to respond to our call after hours if they are needed. This can be invaluable if we need to clean up a flooded property at 2:00 AM!

Residents as customers?
Yes, we see the resident as a customer as well as you, our owners. Our goal is to provide your residents with superior service. If they are happy in their home, chances are they will stay longer. This is accomplished in various ways.

  • Our maintenance policy is to respond to a resident's maintenance request within 24 to 48 business hours.
  • When repair work is complete, a follow-up call is made to the resident to see if they were satisfied.
  • At move in, we make a welcome phone call and send a welcome card.
  • Our annual property survey program lets the residents know we care about the condition of their home.
Owner Communication
In order to help keep your costs down, we have a toll free 800-number available for our out-of-town owners. Each staff person has e-mail capability to quickly respond to your inquiries. Additionally, owners are notified when a resident gives their notice to vacate or when a lease is signed with a new resident.

Annual Property Condition Survey
Your property is a valuable investment that appreciates in value when it is properly managed and maintained. To assist in maintaining the physical condition of your investment an annual maintenance survey is scheduled prior to lease expiration. This survey is done at a minimal cost to you. These surveys provide us and you with a good look at your property prior to offering the tenant a new lease. Repairs or improvements can then be scheduled while the property is occupied. This will also provide you with the information necessary to approach and properly plan for larger maintenance items (such as roofing, exterior painting, air condition and heating) on a proactive basis instead of a reactive basis. This approach can also help with tax planning.

Sophisticated Property Management Software and Data Protection

  • Our software provides you with a detailed monthly accounting of all income and expenses. We will also provide you with a detailed year-end account summary to help with your tax return and produce your yearly 1099.
  • Maintenance and repair work is tracked by property and unit. This aids in identifying warranty work and avoids repetitive costly repairs.
  • All our computer data files are backed up each night and taken off-site daily. We understand the consequences of lost data. Therefore, we have a double back up systems to protect your data.
  • We have also developed a disaster recovery plan for our computer systems and office. In the event anything should happen to our office, our goal is to do everything possible to assure that services to you and your residents will not be interrupted and that data will not be lost.
Monthly Management Statements
Along with your monthly accounting information we provide
  • A management letter with information about your property, company information or market information.
  • All original invoices and work orders are included in your statement.

Direct Deposit of Monthly Revenue
Your net rental income will be sent by electronic transfer directly into your bank account. These funds will then be available to you the next business day. This means you don’t have to wait for your management statement in order to collect your proceeds. Best of all, there is no additional charge for this service.

Verifying Property Values
Are you paying more than your fair share of property taxes? We provide a service that will annually review the appraised valuation of your property for local property tax purposes. Best of all, there is no charge for this service unless the valuation of the property can be lowered. Ask us for more details on this valuable service. Are you sure your property is not over valued?

Please contact us at 615-688-9600.

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