Investment Services
American Trust Corporation is an active investor in all types of properties nationally. Whether investing for its own account or in conjunction with select operating partners, American Trust brings expertise in financial underwriting, due diligence and capital markets to structure creative solutions for complex real estate transactions. American Trust Corporation invests in all product types in both primary and secondary markets.

As an investment partner, American Trust Corporation provides operators with a sophisticated platform to help source, underwrite, negotiate and close transactions. The company's complete capital solutions allow operators to close transactions on an all-cash basis, remove unnecessary parties from the transaction process and allow our partners to be more responsive to the marketplace.

Specifically, the company can:

  • Acquire assets or distressed debt directly
  • Provide equity to operating partners for new acquisitions or asset/portfolio recapitalizations
  • Provide combination equity and debt or high-yield debt solutions for operating partners
  • Invest directly in joint venture with real estate operating companies

Our seasoned professionals can quickly assess and react to the individual risks of each transaction, tailoring a unique and appropriate solution to every investment.

Private Equity

Inherent in every successful partnership is a relationship based on a clear understanding and alignment of the goals and objectives of the equity partners and the major stakeholders. We understand the importance of long-term value creation and have the resources and expertise to assist management in achieving its strategic and financial plans.

Whether through recapitalization, a public or private offering, or a sale to a strategic buyer, American Trust Corporation will help design an exit strategy to respond to the needs of all shareholders.

Industry Expertise
At American Trust Corporation, you work directly with highly accomplished professionals who understand your industry segment. Our broad contacts and deep knowledge of trends and issues can help you perfect and enact your business strategies. Whether you are a corporate, institutional or government client, we can provide integrated capital raising and advisory solutions that meet your current financial needs and support your long-term objectives.

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