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Referral Only Program

To all brokers and intermediaries – we pay one of the highest fees in the industry for just a referral.
  • We will pay you 10% of any fee collected by us when the loan closes.
  • This is strictly a referral fee. Besides getting answers to a few simple questions NO OTHER WORK IS REQUIRED FROM YOU. We suggest you refer those prospects that you have not been able to place elsewhere.
  • Upon receipt of the referral, we immediately give you a legal agreement, our “Referral Fee Guarantee” which states all details of the referral.
  • We must be able to deal with the borrower directly and possibly work with him under our own agreement.
  • If purchasing a property or business, the borrower must have made an offer and have a written acceptance from the seller.
Many clients are referred to us by financial brokers, manufacturers representatives, business executives, business brokers, and real estate brokers and other financially oriented professionals.

Contact John Gregory at (615) 688-9600 if you are interested in this referral program.

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