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Our mission is to meet each property's particular requirements, provide unparalleled service to its residents, and maintain and enhance its value. In the process, we are sensitive to the fact that where and how people live is a powerful and complex emotional issue, and to the necessity of balancing the Board of Directors' objectives, as a client, with those of the individual resident/owners.

Management & Leasing Services
American Trust Corporation's philosophy centers on a balance between property property management and asset management. We believe that a project's value is maximized by aggressive management aimed at the bottom line, which can be achieved by careful attention to the day-to-day activities of a property. Our focus to this end is providing a level of service, which maintains a high degree of client and tenant satisfaction, which in turn results in consistently high levels of occupancy. This attention to service involves detailed monitoring of property maintenance and an experienced eye toward anticipated capital improvements and long range planning.

The Financial Service Management Program represents a growing portion of limited support services provided by American Trust Corporation. This program includes options to support on-site management and alternatives to meet our changing needs.

Through the installation of the appropriate team and regular detailed inspections, ATC personnel will assure that the properties are kept operationally sound and maintained at the highest possible efficiency.

Formal detailed property inspections are reviewed every other month. These inspections are performed by the senior property manager along with the building engineering staff. Each item is documented and assigned to the appropriate party for follow-up and resolution.

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